Testimonial statements show Catamentum Leadership Coaching success for better performance, higher profits & happier working environment for companies & people.


“Rachel is someone who speaks the truth in a caring way. She was very adept at adjusting her style and interaction in order to provide the best environment for me to assess my current state and work toward the improvements I desired. She was always practical and willing to hold me accountable. I loved the reading recommendations she provided and wholeheartedly recommend Rachel as a fantastic coach.” –  Mike E


“Rachel is a coach who understands that a leader is a whole person, not only focused on work. Maintaining that holistic approach with her clients provides an opportunity for them to grow in areas that can help them reach both their career goals and also grow as a person. Overall, it was an excellent experience.” Marianna N


“With Rachel’s coaching, I have become a more effective communicator with my executive leadership team. She helped me establish an actionable communication plan that is direct and a complete 180 from my natural communication style. As a result, I have my executive team’s attention with real tangible commitment of resources that enables my effectiveness as a leader in my organization. It was great working with her and time well spent.” –  Rich L


I can tell you very easily the value Rachel brings. It’s about trust. I trust that when I speak with her it’s always completely confidential, and that’s number one. Secondly, Rachel has rarely (if ever) offered me an opinion/advice. She always gets that out of my head, and it always feels like I’m the one fixing my own issues; although I never feel like I could get there without her poking around in my head.  Andy Y


“Rachel has a way of getting to the heart of the matter. Her ability to see beyond the obvious and her willingness to ask the difficult questions required for real change and lasting transformation set her apart from other coaches and consultants. Rachel doesn’t put the band-aid on, she helps to take it off! The fact that she can do this with gentleness and humor makes working with Rachel rewarding and even fun. Rachel believes in each person’s innate ability to discover their own path and she is not pushy or parental. I love talking to Rachel. Whenever I feel stuck she is the first person I want to reach out to for help.”  –  Susanna B 


“I worked with Rachel for several months during a transition in my career. She …focused on practical tools and methods that got the quickest results!  Rachel used a combination of excellent questioning, recommended reading, “homework” and personal accountability to help me understand exactly what I wanted out of a new and challenging position.  We identified and explored where there were real issues that I needed to address and where I needed to simply “let go”.  She worked with me to define plans of action to improve my relationship with leadership as well as my ability to effectively lead my new team.  And when an opportunity arose for me to advance to a higher level of responsibility, she helped me understand how to negotiate what I wanted from this opportunity.  I credit Rachel for helping me make this new position successful and fulfilling.” –  Liz B


Rachel is the coach you either needed and didn’t realize it, or knew it and found her! I have known and worked with Rachel for almost 10 years. I have recommended and worked with her in every organization I have worked with, both for individual and team coaching opportunities. I have also consulted with her as a valued thought partner regarding people development strategies. Rachel’s ability to quickly connect, understand and embrace the individual or teams she is working with is truly inspiring. She brings a depth of knowledge, empathy and value to every coaching opportunity presented. 


Rachel’s company website says “Let’s connect….” I encourage you to connect. You will not be disappointed.–  Nikki G