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Leadership Coaching

Catalyze momentum

Unleash potential

Executive Coach for Leaders and Teams

Are you a leader struggling with the “people part” of leadership?

I understand how people “work” inside and out.  

For over 20 years, I’ve worked with executives and leaders across all industries, in organizations of 20 -10,000 employees. I coach individual leaders as well as their teams. I have a comprehensive and unique approach to bring out the best from both leaders and those they lead in various organizations.

I focus on catalyzing team momentum by unleashing leaders’ own potential.  I help leaders deliver sustained growth by bringing out the best from both leaders themselves and those they lead.  

I work with business leaders and executives who desire to grow themselves and their teams. As a “people expert,” I coach leaders to develop their people skills, examine their mindset, and achieve better results.  

You may be a: 

  • Corporate senior leader or on track for your next level of leadership.
  • Business owner, CEO of a scaling startup or a nonprofit.
  • Leader who wants to invest in your “people leadership” skills.

You may ask: 

  • How do I get the best out of my teams? 
  • How can I get people to step up, take ownership, and drive results?
  • How do I lead people to tear down “silos” and work better across the organization?
  • How can I delegate more to my team so I have more time for strategy?
  • How do I scale my leadership for a larger role and increase my influence across the organization (moving from leading individuals to leading managers to leading leaders)? 
Leadership coaching by Catamentum does team coaching in workshops or onsite training for corporate leaders, executives and small businesses (photo of a team)

Catalyze Momentum.

Unleash Potential.

Rachel Burr, founder and CEO of Catamemtum Leadership Coaching has years of corporate development experience for mid to large companies (photo of Rachel Burr)

The more leaders invest in themselves to understand their unique ways of “working” with people and how people “work,” the better leaders they become.

My role as a coach is to partner with leaders to mine your untapped potential and unleash your power to achieve results.  

I draw from decades of experience, education, talents, skills, and passion: 

  • Over 20 years corporate and consulting experience in leadership coaching, people development, and organization development.
  • Working with leaders and teams around the world to help them thrive in complex business environments.
  • Master’s degrees in psychology and organization development, with insights into individual and group behavioral dynamics.
  • Expertise in qualitative and quantitative data analysis to generate clarity and recommend actions.
  • I have worked in mid-size and large corporations for 15+ years in people and leadership development.

Throughout my life, I have triumphed over obstacles by casting away limiting constraints and stepping into power. There is no better way for me to fulfill my purpose than sharing my success with others.

Catamemtum Leadership Coaching by Rachel Burr is praised by business clients for value, ability, knowledge, expertise in testimonials -image of shout out people

What Our Clients Say about Us:

Rachel is a coach who understands that a leader is a whole person, not only focused on work.” 

Rachel’s ability to quickly connect, understand and embrace the individual or teams she is working with is truly inspiring. She brings a depth of knowledge, empathy and value.”

“Rachel doesn’t put the band-aid on, she helps to take it off! The fact that she can do this with gentleness and humor makes working with Rachel rewarding and even fun.” 

“Rachel believes in each person’s innate ability to discover their own path and she is not pushy or parental. Whenever I feel stuck she is the first person I want to reach out to for help.” 

“It always feels like I’m the one fixing my own issues, although I never feel like I could get there without her poking around in my head.”

Unleash Your Authentic Leadership

Catalyze Your Team Momentum

–Develop leadership mindset and confidence

–Increase skills & internal empowerment

–Understand & leverage strengths (your own and others’)

–Build trust & stronger relationships

–Improve communication & feedback, engage in difficult conversations 

–Foster team collaboration, cohesion, effectiveness, & accountability

Leadership Coaching in an image animating Catamentum's logo, showing tailored coaching for goal achieving, collaboration improvement & influencing organizations

Leadership Coaching

As your trusted partner and sounding board, I will tailor our engagement to focus on your most pressing challenges and objectives. Together we will conquer limiting beliefs, explore alternate perspectives, gain insights, take action, and set up accountability to achieve your goals.

I will help you unleash the potential of the people around you, improve collaboration with peers & team members, increase your influence up and across the organization, and successfully navigate your business ecosystem to maximize your results and impact.

Success stories of Catamentum's leadership coaching in an image of people on top of a mountain, stating improved strategies for a company's growth & teamwork.

Success Stories

A success story about leadership coaching:

A leader was stuck with challenges in developing his leaders. We stepped back and looked again at the overall objectives, to gain a better understanding of the whole picture. As a result, he changed his strategies and approach, and paved the way for his company’s growth.

A success story about team development:

Many of the leaders I have coached first came to me with people and talent development issues, frustrated with team dynamics.  After coaching and coming to new insights, they often say the same thing: “I have never thought about it that way!”

Team assessment, development, coaching & workshop offered to improve team collaboration, capability and performance, offered by Catamentum Leadership Coaching.

Whether you lead a small team of five, or 500+  people across multiple teams, I customize team development based on your unique needs, to improve team dynamics and performance. 

Through assessment, consulting, coaching, and workshops, I help you and your team shift mindsets and change behaviors with leadership coaching and increase your capability for developing your people.

Team Development