Catamentum coaching covers individual leaders, teams' group dynamics, organizational development for their companies, & psychological insights for people (logo)


The Catamentum way of coaching consists of these four cornerstones:

Leadership Coaching 

Group Dynamics

Organizational Development/Business Consulting

Psychological Insight


Leadership Coaching

Coaching leaders either 1:1 or in an organization, by Rachel Burr of Catamentum solves specific problems through a 360 approach (image of 1 on 1 helpful hands)
  • Are you struggling to understand and relate to the people you lead?
  • Are you outgrowing your current leadership position, and even some of the people around you?
  • Are you desiring change, feeling stuck, willing to move to the next level but don’t know how?
  • Are you moving  toward something you want, or running from something you are afraid of?

Leaders gain a combination of analytical and EQ skills for solving problems and growing to your next level, through Catamentum executive coaching.

Leadership is developed through experience, coaching, and practice, especially in challenging times.

I listen with heart and mind to understand and support you on your journey.

Through a comprehensive 360 approach, with a focus on specific issues and goals, I guide you to connect the dots, see the whole picture, and expand your vision for what’s possible.

I challenge your thinking with different perspectives, to push the edges of how things are and what could be. Once you see through the fog, you gain clarity, confidence and skills to achieve your goals.

Accountability and habit-building are critical for getting the results. I guide you to take actions and hold yourself accountable.

Group Dynamics

I work with teams and their leaders at every level, across different cultures and industries.

We identify building blocks for improving team performances:

  • Strengths 
  • Values
  • Interests
  • Motivations

From these building blocks, I help you build a tailored path forward. 

  • For group and team coaching, I start with your immediate challenges. Together, we break down the issues in a clear and practical way, both strategic and executable. 
  • After a team assessment, we set goals and start to move the needle based on your new insights and priorities.
  • I also provide working sessions where teams tackle specific problems, develop awareness and skills, to improve performance and results.
  • I hold teamworkshops, for people who want to develop their leadership, collaboration and communication skills.
Coaching teams, groups under a leader to improve performance and deliver results at their companies is another area of Catamentum's focus (photo of tug of war.)

Bottom Line: Empowered Teams. Deliver Results.

Organizational Development / Business Consulting

Coaching leaders, teams with organizational development skills for companies by Catamentum brings out the best in leaders and teams (image of people running)

My prior corporate experience helps me understand the context in which my clients work, and what your environment demands.

With 20+ years of working in mid-sized to large organizations and my master’s degree in Organizational Development, I apply data analysis expertise to leadership and corporate development. More importantly, I have a comprehensive and unique approach to bring out the best from both leaders and those they lead in various organizations.

Psychological Insight

I also have a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, which deepens my understanding of people, and how they think and behave. 

  • Insights into people’s differences, personalities and mindsets, and why they do things differently.
  • Interpersonal communication. I am trained to decipher unarticulated messages, empathetically and analytically. I can hear what people mean vs. what they say. I hear where people are struggling, how their own perspectives may be limiting them, and I see potential they may not yet see in themselves. This, in turn, helps leaders unleash potential in others.
  • The power in dual degrees of organizational development and psychology is extremely helpful for coaching both leaders and teams, who all bring different strengths, values, interests, and motivations.
Coaching executives & those they lead by Rachel Burr, CEO of Catamentum, is often based on her training and insights in psychological analysis of people (bulb)
Success is measured by results achieved by leaders, teams & companies after Catamentum catalyzes momentum, unleashes potentials in people (3 men arms up.)